We are based in Norfolk/Suffolk where above the national average young people in the district live in child poverty. Nearby Great Yarmouth is ranked as in the top 10% Most Deprived in the in the Uk for Multiple Deprivation.

We found that there was a real need to work intensively with a small group of young people, who were trapped in the margins of society for various reasons, for example, a background in care, disrupted family environment, mental health issues or poverty-related problems like unstable housing situations.

We partner young people with elders in the local community, to reduce levels of loneliness and social isolation. These links are even more vital in our rural coastal area, which faces issues of poor transport and significant rural poverty. We introduce people to community-based services and support, increase social participation and improve overall wellbeing.

A Typical Day

We work closely with a small group of very vulnerable young people, meeting with them on a weekly basis to gradually increase their social network, their skills and confidence.

A typical day would involve collecting the young person from their home, taking them to our workshop in Ashby where we would continue to work on a woodwork or sculpture project together.

In the afternoon we will take the young person to meet an older member of the community, visit them in their homes or go to an art exhibition or local museum for example.